About Us

The knowledge and experience you need for your next healthcare project

PEAKE is dedicated to taking the risk and pressure off large-scale construction projects for the medical and not for profit sectors. PEAKE is all Australian, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth and the ability to take on projects in all major capitals, plus regional or country areas as required.

peake pc - dedicated professional

Choosing PEAKE to manage your healthcare project means you’re choosing a low risk, low-stress option for your project. Instead of dealing with multiple contractors and stakeholders you deal with just one, our dedicated, highly experienced Project Consultant.

While we’re taking care of your project, you’ll be continually updated with progress. Many businesses are reluctant to hand over project management to external parties because they fear losing touch with their own project. With PEAKE, that never happens.

We work as an extension of your business. Our reporting and communication tools are the best in the industry, and you’ll maintain total control over every outcome for the duration of the project.

Interested in finding out more? Contact a team member on 08 9354 0160 and get your questions answered.

We bring the essential skills and capabilities to your large project

At PEAKE, we treat your project like a mountain to be climbed.

Our team of professional project management experts understand the value of good preparation, strong mindset, the right tools and equipment. We have the skills to take on the largest of projects, drawing on years of experience, knowledge and industry contacts to go ahead of you, smoothing the path and clearing the way for the successful delivery of your super clinic, medical centre or aged care facility.

peake pc - project management

PEAKE was created to partner with large organisations, government departments and not-for-profits, helping them navigate the often complex and pressurised world of large, purpose-built, design, construct and fit out projects. It’s a unique skill set and our team is at the very top of their game, with the ability to weave together the many complex threads of a significant project into a successful final result.

Your project is in the safest of  hands with Peake

You benefit not only from knowing your complex project is in safe hands, but because our team will do their best to add value along the way.

They’ll negotiate prices and timelines, deal with contractors and suppliers, solve problems and keep you in the loop from day one until final handover is complete.

Like to know more? Contact our team to find out more or call 08 9354 0160.