Project Stages

Peake Project Management: Project Stages

We guide you through every stage of your healthcare sector project

The success of your project rests on our ability to create a high quality and highly detailed design concept. Our experts bring together designers, engineers, surveyors and other specialists to create for you an enhanced concept you can happily sign off on. Only then does the project move to the tendering stage.

Each step of the project is crucial to its success and must be given due attention. No timeline is ever firmly set until design is finalised. Every negotiation with potential contractors is important. Our project team knows how to bring all the disparate elements of a large project together into a finished whole. Along the way we do all we can to improve and enhance the final result, keeping an eye on your budget all the while.

Our project management style centres heavily on the importance of good design. After an extensive briefing process, there’s a concept design phase, leading to a developed design phase and a final, technical design phase. Only once these three phases are complete will your project move to tender requests.

Our meticulous attention to the design process allows for a super smooth transition to the construction phase and reduces the impact of both time and cost blowouts on your project.

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Project Stages Chart according to RIBA

The Royal Institute of British Architects sets out the stages of a large construction project as follows:


Core Objectives


Support Tasks


Preparation of Brief

Develop project objectives, including quality, sustainability, budget, and feasibility study

Define project roles, contracts,
and assemble project team

Prepare handover strategy and risk assessment, agree schedule of services

Initial project brief

Strategic Definition

Identify client’s business case and strategic briefing

Initial assembling of project team

Review feedback from previous projects

Strategic brief

Concept Design

Prepare concept design, including outline structural, building services, outline specs, and cost information

Update procurement, sign contracts

Prepare sustainable & operation strategies. Third parties engagements, update project execution plan

Concept design including outline structural and building services, costing information

Developed Design

Prepare developed design, including coordinated structural design, building services, outline specs, cost information

Update procurement, contract administration

Update sustainability & operation strategies. And risk assessment. Review and update project execution plan

Developed design, including arch,structural and building services, updated cost

Technical Design

Prepare technical design including architectural, structural, and building services, specialists designs and specs

Update procurement, contract administration

Prepare and submit building regulations and other third party consents. Update construction execution plan.

Completed technical design of project


Offsite manufacturing and onsite construction in accordance with construction program

Administration of contracts, regular site inspection and progress

Update sustainability, and implement handover strategy commissioning, handover, asset management, prepare As constructed documentation

As Constructed documentation

Handover and Closeout

Handover buildings and conclusion of building contract

Close building contract

Carry out activities listed in handover strategy including feedback for use. Update project information as required

Update as construction information