The Journey

We take your healthcare project journey to its peak

A large healthcare design and build project is a mountain to climb. Without the right preparation, resources, equipment and training, you’re simply not going to make the top.

PEAKE offers you all this, and even better, break your project down into stages, and carefully plan every step. This allows you to work towards your end goal via smaller, measurable sections – similar to the way mountaineers use a series of camps on the way to the summit.

We are the guides you can rely on your next healthcare project

And to further reassure you, we have guided others along this path before, with projects as large and complex as yours. Your staff are no doubt highly skilled in your core business but perhaps not in the management of large medical sector projects.

When PEAKE takes control of your project, you free up your people to get on with what they’re best at and we use our expertise to bring your plans to life.

We prepare, plan and execute your project goals for you

  1. Understanding your vision. Information Absorption.

This is a crucial part of the process where our team absorb all there is to know about your project. We make your vision, our vision.

  1. Strategic Plan. The design process begins.

Our in-house team take the vision from step one and turn it into a design you can really get excited about. All stakeholders are consulted, and your goals set at the centre of the process.

  1. Base Camp. Design agreed in principle.

Negotiations of design details and preparations for a final draft and the ultimate construction phase that lies ahead.

  1. Low Ridge. ­ Detailed design.

Design now finalised, approvals from the required authorities are obtained, and a firm timeline put into place for the construction.

  1. High Ridge. Construction management.

All the hard work of design and planning are brought to life, completed by teams of contractors selected by PEAKE, overseen by our Construction Manager.

  1. The PEAKE.­ The job is done

Handover, your new medical premises or healthcare facility is ready for occupation. Designed for your business, ready to impress your clients and inspire your staff.


Discover how our skills can work for your unique medical business. Contact us here or call a team member at PEAKE today on 08 9354 0160.