We deal with your mountain so you don’t have to

Selecting the right climbing team for the job can not be underestimated. As every climb is different we focus on selecting the correct Guide Team depending on the circumstances.

Guide Services

We have climbed these peak’s before. So our team work closely together to ensure the correct internal strategy and plan is executed before we start the climb – for even base camp has some challenging areas and ensuring the strategy is working and team are all pulling in the right direction.

You’ll be guided by a team leader, and depending how high the peak is, will determine the number and type of internal guilds we will require.

Workplace Strategy

PEAKE assists clients in defining their Workplace Strategy. Workplace Strategy is the orchestration of the Architectural, Virtual and Cultural elements of a workplace environments, and proven to have significant influence on workplace productivity and effectiveness. Through our alliance partner Hubb Consultants and PSQ, PEAKE’s multifaceted scope of Workplace Strategy services include:

  • Accommodation planning and multisite planning
  • Workplace Project and program management
  • Workplace consolidation and centralisation strategies
  • Workplace Change programs
  • Pre and post occupancy survey and reporting
  • Virtual and automated efficiencies
  • Alternative and new ways of working like Activity Based Working

Property Consultancy

PEAKE supports client commercial property developments aspirations. Our resources can advise and manage client both freehold and leasehold property portfolios to maximise gain. We assist in providing a competitive and comprehensive property service including:

  • Facility management
  • Development opportunities
  • Property feasibility
  • Dilapidation reporting
  • Tenant lease representation
  • Property acquisition

Project Management

Through listening, we are able to gain a deep and clear understanding of your business objectives and to ensure those objectives are achieved on time, within authorised budgets, and to the required standards.

Financial Planning

Prudent financial management of your project is as important to PEAKE as the built outcome. We value financial clarity as a vital factor in the success of both our partnership with Clients and our undertaking of their Vision. Therefore we promise complete financial transparency and integrity in all financial dealings. That’s our commitment to you.

PEAKE also has independent associations with a range of finance lenders and can assist you in the preparation of financials and feasibility studies to meet bank and lender standards to achieve better financial outcomes.

Architectural / Design Management

PEAKE’s expert staff and alliance partners combine significant professional experience and premier qualifications in Project Design and Architecture in order to provide a vast range of architectural services.

We guide you through the entire project design scope including:

  • Town planning and urban design
  • Exterior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Ecologically Sustainable Design
  • Furniture and Equipment Procurement

Superintendent Role

Commercial Construction can prove a complex process requiring inputs from a variety of unrelated and often conflicting parties. This multi-voice approach can result in a failure to acknowledge or value the overall Vision of the project.

With our Superintendent ensures your Vision is met by assisting in the choice of a best-fit contractor for your project and personally overseeing the ongoing concern. This single point of contact mitigates risk and safeguards project success, taking the stress out of Commercial Construction.

Interior Furnishing Management

Achieving a stylish and complimentary Interior Fitout often comes down to who you know. The choice of contractor has the ability to either enhance or derail a project and therefore connecting with a positive collective of trades, contractors and suppliers is critical.

PEAKE is fortunate to enjoy a close relationship with skilled and experienced Interior Fitout Contractors and Furniture suppliers, which translates to savings of both cost and time for our Clients.

Outsourced, but In-house

PEAKE IPM program

Discover how your office can benefit from our experience in commercial property projects.

Commercial property developments are complex, and an experienced team is critical to project success. However, maintaining suitably qualified in-house resources can prove financially unfeasible.

PEAKE Project Consultants spans this gap by supporting your project, with our expert team. Offering commercial secondment via our IPM (Internal Project Manager) program, PEAKE offers the flexibility to expertly support your team for the duration, or for periodical engagement within your office, dependant on your needs.

PEAKE’s IPM program is your holistic project support solution, with Peake PM’s equipped to optimise resources, defuse conflicts, negotiate better deals and ultimately ensure a seamless project delivery.

Clients will benefit directly through PEAKE’s IPM program by securing:

  • Direct and immediate project feedback when needed most
  • Improved collaboration between related teams and departments
  • A Representative in internal meetings align project status to business needs
  • Professional perspective with an internal understanding
  • Improved privacy and confidentiality
  • Greater project control
  • Improved project risk control
  • Great cost management and value engineering
  • Knowledge and skill transference to your in-house team

PEAKE’s Internal Project Management services can be tailored to your exact needs, with our experienced Project Managers available for secondment to clients on a month-to-month basis. Through this flexible option, PEAKE is able to provide you with the best value on your projects from concept to completion, whether you need assistance for one month or one year.

Optimise your project and release your internal resources by accessing the PEAKE IPM program for all your project management needs.

To find out more, contact us today. Alternately, submit your details below and one of our experienced PEAKE Project Managers will be in touch shortly.